We implement customized strategies, systems and processes in various areas of that are right for your organization to increase your bottom line, save your organization time and reduce the potential risk of fraud.

Examples of Strategies we put in place are:

  • Automation of Data Entry for Bills and Receipts to Reduce Data Entry and Increase Accuracy
  • Client and Vendor Payment System to Help Cashflow
  • Inventory Applications to Increase Inventory Control and Reporting
  • CRM for prospecting, customer relations and sales
  • Job Costing Systems
  • POS Systems
  • Scheduling Applications for Employees
  • Payroll

We then ensure everything you need is linked to a central accounting system, to create accurate and timely, daily, month end, quarter end and year end reports. We put in process a method of communicating information across departments. Internal Controls are placed on all systems for access to employees as required and approved by senior staff, the owner and/or directors. 

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