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Nancy grew up with business owners in her family and spent much time in her youth at her grandfather's office (who had many businesses) playing with the adding machine, enjoying pushing the numbered buttons. pulling the handle and watching the figures on the tape roll out. This molded Nancy into the work she does today.

While attending Dalhousie University, for business, finance, and accounting, she worked at banks in various positions to pay for her education. Moving to Calgary, after graduation, to get work experience, she was the city's security accountant for a portfolio of approximately 280 million dollars and continued her studies in the CMA program.



Like all Nova Scotians, Nancy was drawn to the ocean calling her home. She became a controller for a national wholesaler and later a national property management company, as well as taking care of the accounting for her husband's family's 150-year-old business.  

Nancy working in Guyana SA.

When Nancy had her children, she started her own business. For more than 30 years, Nancy has worked in her own businesses. The first grew to an extent where she and her staff, partnered with CPA firms. Selling that business many years later, Nancy pursued her passion in financial processes and systems consulting where she felt she could make a greater impact to help small to medium size  business owners. Nancy has worked with hundreds of businesses in various industries and nonprofits, in Canada, the US, South America and Australia. She has Advanced Certifications and Training Designations in Financial Software and Workshops. 

Because Nancy has seen so much change in technology, in her many years of experience, she wants to help businesses embrace ways of doing business that will save them time, increase revenue, improve cash flow, and run a smoother and more organized business where they are in more control of their success.

In her free time, Nancy enjoys spending time with her dog walking the beach or trails, dog sports, water sports, biking, playing the harp or guitar, a good book and traveling, often visiting her two grown children who work in South America and Africa. 

Nancy is also active in the community. She has run in city elections, was Co-President of a Homeowners Association, involved with the SPCA, played in a local orchestra, and has served on numerous boards. She is a regular columnist in Atlantic Canada’s Apex Magazine where she shares her expertise.  Giving to those less fortunate is important to her. She has 3 children she helps overseas, gives to local and world charities, and helps her local church with homeless meals and events.


Nancy working in Guyana SA.

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