How To Remove Stress From The Workplace (and Increase Revenue and Employee Morale)

Nov 22, 2022

Removing Stress in the workplace and creating calm is beneficial not just to your employees but also to your bottom line.


  • Reduce symptoms of poor mental and physical health, therefore less sick time.
  • Reduce injuries and less illness
  • Reduce absences and staff turnover.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase job satisfaction - key in maintaining great employees
  • Increase work engagement - much better clarity in thinking


Not only do Outdated and Inadequate Processes and Systems Fuel Stress. They also;


  • Increase unwarranted workload
  • Create poor communications
  • Produce unreachable deadlines
  • Loss of time which equals loss opportunities
  • General inefficiencies throughout the organization
  • Can Generate Inaccurate, Inaccessible, Pertinent Financial Reporting Critical to Business Growth


So how to solve these issues? First consult with employees on what they see as the issues, what areas are in critical need for solutions and listen to any suggestions they may have. With employee input, map the processes that are being used (and mark the areas that need improvement). Create a new mapping process - with measurable outcomes. Does it save time, increase efficiency, improve communications, save costs, increase sales? Next recognize areas that may need new systems to make this work. For example a proper CRM to gather communication from customer interactions on all levels - from reception, to salesperson, to inventory, to accounting. 

Set measurable targets as these systems are put in place. Are there time savers, less paperwork, deadlines being met, improvement in sales?

Breaking down the processes into steps and revamping seems simple, but sometimes outside help from professionals is required. After all, you are still trying to operate your business while accomplishing this undertaking to improve your business. A professional can help.

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